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Click here to read how Cher started her art journey in this Brookline Tab article

Most works are Watercolor, a few a done with Marker - Prices are very low despite spending up to a week on some pieces as I just want to get my art out there and enjoyed right now. All art will be pick-up or local delivery only.

Oraboras - $70 framed


Year of the Snake, Boston Style  $35 -framed

This won a City of Boston Arts and Culture Award 

Pretty Flower  $45 -framed

Aromatherapy Bath $30 framed
Bewitched - $35 framed
Full Bloom - $25 framed

Daddy being Silly - $45 framed

Standing Snake Shinx - $75 framed

Wajet-Bast Twins - $45 framed

The Mandala Effect - $75 framed

(drawing, extended border and framed)

Abstract Cat - (not for sale)

(drawing, extended border and framed)

Jackie's Acai Bowl - (not for sale)

(drawing, extended border and framed)

Hi Bunny - $40 framed

Whimsey the Kitty - (not for sale)

Home Sweet Home - $60 (frame  has slight crack)

Depressed Cheshire $30 framed

Cannoli the Kitten - (not for sale)

Self Love - $24 framed

Valentine - $25 framed

Men and Bros - (not for sale)

Floral Spiral - $25 framed

Hipcat 'n Ratster - $85 framed

Party at OOTB Gallery- (not for sale)

Winged Kitty- (not for sale)

Angel of the Pond -1 of 2 - $150 for set of 2 framed

Angel of the Pond -2 of 2 $150 for set of 2 framed

Angel under the Moon - $75 framed

Gemini Snakes - $35 framed

Lynda of the Morning - (not for sale)

The Honor Cat - $40 framed

Lori's Angel- (not for sale)


Parfum Bottle -  $15 framed


Oracle Deactivate - $40 watercolor on wood

Magic Mirror - $60 framed

Abstract Bulldog for Christine - (not for sale)

Dreamer - $15 framed

Salem Witch - $20 framed

Sass - $15 framed

The Girls (hamsters)- (not for sale)

Dogs Run the Stream - (not for sale)

(Fan Art for Your Morning Guru)

Bull and Kisses - $10 framed

Feline in Flowers - $10 unframed

ButterCat - $5 unframed

 Darius Daydreaming - (not for sale)

Smiles - (not for sale)

Mr. & Mrs Katz - (not for sale)

Maybe Flowers  - $10 unframed

Bikedala - (not for sale)

Wonder Cats - $6 unframed

Parfum Chakra (de guingois)  - $3 unframed

Mandala - $8 unframed

Fireworks- (not for sale)

Self Compassion- (not for sale)
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