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Jackie's Acai Bowl (drawing, extended border and framed)

Full Bloom

Dogs Run the Stream (Fan art for Your Morning Guru on Youtube

Aromatherapy Bath

Fancy Cat



Self Love 

Floral Spiral


Bull and Kisses

Self Love Makes Us Whole

Men & Bros

Magic Mirror

Abstract Dreamer

Lynda of the Morning

Party at OOTB Gallery

Abstract Cat Drawing (done in April 2020, extended and framed


Abstract Cat

Abstract Bulldog

The Girls (Jojo's hamsters)

Daddy Being Silly

Cannoli (for my niece)

Magical Snake

The Mandala Effect reworked Smashing Spheres)

Winged Kitty

Lori's Angel

 Forest Fairies  reworked and added to Angel of the Pond

Moon Angel reworked An Angel Landed in Salem, Mass

Halloween Hide

 Hipcat 'n Ratster

Eye Love Karen 
 (for my friend the Optometrist)

Moon, Magic, Meow

Heat Waves


Parfum Chakra (de guingois)

Angel of the Pond

Salem Witch

An Angel Landed in Salem, Mass.

The Wadjet-Bast Twins

In the Cattails

The Honor Cat and Elephants

Oracle Deactivated


Darious Daydreaing



Self Compassion


Feline in Flowers

Mr. and Mrs. Katz


Jackie's Acai Bowl

For Snoops & Sneaky

Wonder Cats Activate

Maybe Flowers

Stained Glass Thought Bubbles 

Smashing Spheres

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