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Click here to read how Cher started her art journey in this Brookline Tab article

Most works are Watercolor, a few a done with Marker - Prices are very low despite spending up to a week on some pieces as I just want to get my art out there and enjoyed right now. All art will be pick-up or local delivery only. 

To Purchase art or commission to to paint customized art email: Cher@khealing.com - Cash, Check, Paypal & Venmo accepted

 Free feel to ask questions or make an appointment for a private art showing

Fruity on my Shoulder
12X15 inches - $65

Halloween Elegance- Framed
11X21 inches - $75

Swirly Girls Framed
9 X11 inches - $45

Fruity Flying into a Lady's Head
12X14 inches - $50
Selfie Framed
11X14 inches - $45
20X11 inches - $65
Rock City Terrier
11X14 inches - $50

Cotton Candy & Flowers - $70 framed

20X15 inches


Mystic Kitty  $200 -framed

28X21 inches

Woke Flowery  $35-framed

12X10 inches

Open Blossom - $45 framed

15X16 inches     

Year of the Snake, Boston Style  $35 -framed

This won a City of Boston Arts and Culture Award 

9X11 inches

Magic Monkeys - $45 framed

13x15.5 inches


Oracle Deactivate - $40 watercolor on wood

16x20 inches

  Hi Bunny - $40 framed

7X21 inches


Oraboras - $70 framed

16X20 inches


The Mandala Effect - $75 framed

(drawing, extended border and framed)

18X22 inches

Gemini Snakes - $35 framed

12X16 inches

Aromatherapy Bath $30 framed

12X10 inches


Bewitched - $35 framed

13x15 inches

Full Bloom - $25 framed

12X14 inches

Daddy being Silly - $45 framed

9X21 inches

Standing Snake Shinx - $75 framed

17X22 inches

Wajet-Bast Twins - $45 framed

11X21 inches

The Honor Cat - $40 framed

14X17 inches

Parfum Bottle -  $15 framed

5X10 inches

Home Sweet Home - $60 (frame  has slight crack)

25X21 inches

Depressed Cheshire $30 framed

14X12 inches

Magic Mirror - $60 framed

14X18 inches

Self Love - $24 framed

9X11 inches

Valentine - $25 framed

12X10 inches

Bull and Kisses - $10 framed


Floral Spiral - $35 framed


Angel of the Pond -1 of 2 - $150 for set of 2 framed

19X24 inches

Angel of the Pond -2 of 2 $150 for set of 2 framed

19X24 inches

Angel under the Moon - $75 framed

16X22 inches

Mandala - $8 unframed

11X9 inches

Feline in Flowers - $10 unframed

11X9 inches

Wonder Cats - $6 unframed

11X9 inches

Maybe Flowers  - $10 unframed

11X17 inches

Salem Witch - $15 framed

11X14 inches

ButterCat - $5 unframed

11X16 inches

Dreamer - $15 framed

10X12 inches

Parfum Chakra (de guingois)  - $3 unframed

5X10 inches

Cannoli the Kitten - (now for sale)

Below pieces are not for sale, but it you like

I can recreate something similar

I can also create caricatures of you or your pet

email cher@khealing.com for inquires

Joe in a Tinfoil Cap
(fan art for Joe H. see real Joe vs. Tinfoil Joe) Click here to see his reaction

Dr. Nancy
(fan art for Dr. Nancy. see real Nancy vs. Cartoon Nancy)

Men and Bros - (sold)

Hipcat 'n Ratster - $85 framed - SOLD

Dogs Run the Stream - (not for sale)

(Fan Art for Your Morning Guru)

Abstract Cat - (not for sale)

(drawing, extended border and framed)

Whimsey the Kitty - (sold)

19X22 inches

Party at OOTB Gallery- (not for sale)

 Darius Daydreaming - (not for sale)

Smiles - (not for sale)

Revere Beach Boys - not for sale             

The Girls (hamsters)- (not for sale)

Lynda of the Morning - (not for sale)

Mr. & Mrs Katz - (not for sale)

Bikedala - (not for sale)

Abstract Bulldog for Christine - (not for sale)

Jackie's Acai Bowl - (not for sale)

(drawing, extended border and framed)

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