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 Cher's Exotic Perfume Recipe

I've always loved perfumes with an oriental essence. My favorite perfume in the 1980's was Senchal. My favorite perfume of the 1990's was Opium. So I made a cross between both. I looked up the ingredients for each of them and wrote them down. There were quite a few scents common to both. I had most of them and had decent substitutes for the ones I was missing. I gathered them in front of me, 21 in all, and then decided which ones would comprise the top note (the lightest oils of the group); the middle note (not the lightest or the deepest oils of the group) and the bottom note (the deepest oils of the group). I also use what I call, "accent notes" which are not the deepest, however very powerful and only to be used in small amounts. I could have added them as part of the middle note, but it helps me to separate these essences out. Then I followed the general rule of perfumery which is you that you add the most drops of middle notes and the smallest amount of bottom notes. I made the bulk of the perfume according to both the math and preferences. I then adjusted drop by drop until I was satisfied. I let it sit for 24 hours before adjusting since many of the deep notes I used take awhile to merge into the blend. The last oil I added was violet leaf at the end. The perfume was too sweet after sitting, so a few drops of bitter violet leaf was just the thing. 

This blend is very deep so even a just a drop is enough to give a powerful impression. It is sensual, confident, strong and romantic and the perfume I turn to for special celebrations.  I like to put it in my hair parallel to my nose, so I can smell it too. Here's the recipe :


Top Notes:

Lemon - 14 drops

Bergamot - 16 drops

Mandarin - 16 drops

Bay Laurel - 3 drops

Total top drops = 49


Middle Notes:

Virginia Cedarwood - 12 drops

Eastern Sandalwood - 12 drops

Jasmine - 11 drops

Rose Demask - 20 drops

Neroli - 10 drops

Ylang Ylang 1 - 18 drops

Cardamon Seed 2 drops

Total middle drops = 85

Ambergris                  Patchouli

Bottom Notes:

Benzoin - 2 drops

Patchouli - 1 drop

Myrrh - 2 drops

Ambergris - 3 drops

Balsam Peru - 1 drop

Angelic Root - 2 drops

Total Bottom Notes: 11

Accent Notes:

Black Pepper - 2 drops

Cinnamon -2 drops

Clove Bud - 2 drops

Violet Leaf - 3 drops

Total Accent Notes: 9

This makes 145 drops of perfume oil to add to an unscented grain alcohol or vodka. I usually just 50% perfume oil with 50% alcohol, however since this blend is so deep, I have been using 30% perfume oil to 70% alcohol. 


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