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Make Your Own Body Soap, Bath Salts, & Natural Deodorant
Natural Spa products offer many of the benefits of going to spa for just a few dollars per session with your own set of 3 customized spa products. 

You'll learn how to make bath blends that help heal skin ailments such as rashes, cuts, wounds, slack skin, clogged pores and acne; as well as prevent stretch marks and scarring. You will learn how to mix blends that detoxify the body and reduce excess water weight. You will learn which essential oils ease muscle, joint and nerve pain. We'll discuss essential oils which can relax and de-stress, aid meditation, fight insomnia and enhance our mood. For a quick healing experience or a quick clean before your bath, we will be making a customized soap. And finally, we'll be making a deodorizing mist to keep you fresh throughout the day. We will keep your skin type, scent preferences and mood in mind. 

Tution: $50 per guest includes all materials - within the Greater Boston area with 4 guests or more.

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