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blue bottleJuly Class & Free Spa Party

Saturday, July 7th, Learn how to Connect, Inspire, and Support your Soul, 2-4:40 pm, The Sanctuary for Yoga & Reiki in Watertown, MA - RSVP for address. $80

Saturday, July 28th, Spa PartyPagan Numerology, Tarot & Dream Interpretation, 16 Farrington Ave, Allston, Massachusetts 02134. Free to attend, pay for services or products.

All Kameleon Healing Classes are at 1161 Commonwealth Ave. in Allston, MA. RSVP to Cher@khealing.com to sign up for Kameleon Healing Workshops

 August Classes 

Sunday, August 12th, The Art of Natural Perfumery, 10 am- 12 pm, Kameleon Healing Workshop - $45

Tuesday evening, August 21st, Make a Refreshing Foaming Soap, 6-8 pm, Kameleon Healing Workshop $35

All Kameleon Healing Classes are at 1161 Commonwealth Ave. in Allston, MA. RSVP to Cher@khealing.com to sign up for Kameleon Healing Workshops

Learn how to Connect, Inspire, and Support your Soul

July 7th, 2-4: 30 pm
The Sanctuary for Yoga & Reiki in Watertown, MA - RSVP for address

Learn how to connect, inspire, and support your soul with Cher Kore and Susan Jenness on July 7, 2018.  Susan will prepare each client their own custom, individualized Numerology Report that contains their three personal essential numbers that will be your guide to access experiences and information that help you unlock prosperity, abundance, and increase the flow of life force energy in your daily living. Each Numerology Report will be packed with information that can be put into practical, helpful application immediately after the program to increase the flow of new and exciting energy right away. 

After reviewing the results of everyone’s individual report, clients will work with Cher to custom craft their very own personalized aromatherapy mist to bring out an energy that matches and supports the discoveries made in their personalized report. Each student will complete the afternoon with knowledge and wisdom about their own soul vibration and learn how to tune in and tune up energy. To ground and integrate all the exciting developments of the afternoon, please join Susan and Cher while the whole group turns down the lights and takes a restorative savasana over bolsters and blankets to the meditative magic of Master Charles Cannon’s Meditation CD for Synchronicity. Light refreshments and beverages and conversation around the day's experiences. 

The entire afternoon is $80.- cash or personal check, to Susan Jenness or Cher Kore, or by PayPal to Cher Kore.

Each student will need to contact Susan to provide their date of birth, and full birth name as it appears on their birth certificate so she can custom design your Individualized Numerology Report before the event.
RSVP to either:

Spa Party
Saturday, July 28th 1-6pm - Come & go as you please

Pagan Numerology, Tarot & Dream Interpretation
16 Farrington Ave, Allston, Massachusetts 02134

Join Danielle Pagan, Cher Kore, Larry Manning, Raymond S. Isaacs, Elise Brenner, Blake Loren Newton, and Justin Newton for a spa party on July 28th from 1pm to 6pm at Pagan Numerology, Tarot, & Dream Interpretation in Allston.

Danielle Pagan is a tarot card reader, a numerologist, and a dream interpreter. People are drawn to her warm nature and empathy and people compliment her for her insightful readings. She has been practicing for 17 years.

Cher Kore, of Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy, www.khealing.com, will be creating customized perfumes, mists, & pure essential oil blends (to make your own products at home). $10-$25.

Caged Earth Designs
Beauty & Value
Handmade Jewelry and Art
Created By Blake and Justin Newton.
(along with other featured artists)
The Newtons are Married, Homeless and Disabled Artists Desperate to EARN their way off of the streets through jewelry sales and custom orders!

Elise Brenner, Ph.D., Reiki Practitioner & Teacher is a
is a strong advocate for Reiki outreach, education, and empowerment She is the owner of Brenner Reiki Healing in Newton, Massachusetts. (She will be donating $10 per mini Reiki treatment to the Newtons).

The Art of Natural Perfumery
Sunday, August 12th - 10 am - Noon

Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy

RSVP to Cher@khealing.com

Want to wear a Signature Scent, but can't find one that fits your personality? Get the perfect perfume or cologne by crafting it yourself with all natural essential oils.
* Sniff dozens of common & uncommon essential oils to discover which scents are for you.

* Learn the emotional and mood-altering effects of each essential oil.
* Learn how to balance and mix essential oils to make your one-of-a-kind signature scent.

Learn the art and science of creating natural perfumes and colognes.

This class will cover the emotional benefits of dozens of essential oils. You will also learn how to balance top, middle and bottom scent notes to craft alluring aromas that balance body and mind. We will be making a customized perfume or cologne for each student to take home. This class is for men and women.

$45 per student includes a luxurious perfume made with the finest and more costly essential oils, absolutes, and resins.

Limited to six students - Airconditioned Room

Make a Refreshing Foaming Soap
Tuesday Evening, August 21st - 6 pm - 8 pm

Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy

RSVP to Cher@Khealing.com

Taking a nice shower can make you feel so much better. Pump up this healing experience by learning how to make customized soaps suited to your personality and skin type.
.Learn how to make soaps which cool you down, clear your head, and decongest
.Learn to make soaps which heal skin imperfections.
.Learn how the right soap can help your mood whether you need to feel more relaxed, alert, confident, happy, spiritual, strong, sensual, balanced and/or positive.
It's not always easy to keep your skin clean, cool, and blemish free when the heat is on. This class will teach you how to mix foaming soaps for your skin type and scent preferences using essential oils and castile soap. Many essential oils are used treat acne, like teatree and geranium oils. Oily skin can be helped with Citrus Oils like Lemon. Still, other essential oils ease dry skin, sensitive skin, wounds and much more. Many essential oils can cool your body as you wash off a hot, sticky summer day. You can also mix soaps with scents to help you relax, awaken, or put you in a better mood. We will be making our soap in Foaming Bottles so they come out as a foam to wash or shave with. These soaps cleanse fast and rinse off easily making them ideal for daily use.

$35 per student. We will be making an 8-ounce foaming soap each.
Limited to six students - Airconditioned Room

Kameleon Healing - 1161 Commonwealth Ave., Allston, MA
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