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blue bottleAugust Classes
Sunday, August 12th, The Art of Natural Perfumery, 10 am- 12 pm, Kameleon Healing Workshop - $45

Tuesday evening, August 21st, Make a Refreshing Foaming Soap, 6-8 pm, Kameleon Healing Workshop $35

 September Classes 

Sunday, Sept. 2nd, Introduction to Aromatherapy, 1-3pm, Kameleon Healing Workshop $25

Tuesday, Sept. 18th, Learn How to Make Cleaning your Home a Healing Experience, 6-8pm, Kameleon Healing Workshop

Saturday, Sept 29th, The Art of Natural Perfumery, 10am-12:30 pm, Brookline Adult Education (will add link and details next month)

All Kameleon Healing Classes are at 1161 Commonwealth Ave. in Allston, MA. RSVP to Cher@khealing.com to sign up for Kameleon Healing Workshops

The Art of Natural Perfumery
Sunday, August 12th - 10 am - Noon

Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy

RSVP to Cher@khealing.com

Want to wear a Signature Scent, but can't find one that fits your personality? Get the perfect perfume or cologne by crafting it yourself with all natural essential oils.
* Sniff dozens of common & uncommon essential oils to discover which scents are for you.

* Learn the emotional and mood-altering effects of each essential oil.
* Learn how to balance and mix essential oils to make your one-of-a-kind signature scent.

Learn the art and science of creating natural perfumes and colognes.

This class will cover the emotional benefits of dozens of essential oils. You will also learn how to balance top, middle and bottom scent notes to craft alluring aromas that balance body and mind. We will be making a customized perfume or cologne for each student to take home. This class is for men and women.

$45 per student includes a luxurious perfume made with the finest and more costly essential oils, absolutes, and resins.

Limited to six students - Airconditioned Room

Make a Refreshing Foaming Soap
Tuesday Evening, August 21st - 6 pm - 8 pm

Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy

RSVP to Cher@Khealing.com

Taking a nice shower can make you feel so much better. Pump up this healing experience by learning how to make customized soaps suited to your personality and skin type.
.Learn how to make soaps which cool you down, clear your head, and decongest
.Learn to make soaps which heal skin imperfections.
.Learn how the right soap can help your mood whether you need to feel more relaxed, alert, confident, happy, spiritual, strong, sensual, balanced and/or positive.
It's not always easy to keep your skin clean, cool, and blemish free when the heat is on. This class will teach you how to mix foaming soaps for your skin type and scent preferences using essential oils and castile soap. Many essential oils are used treat acne, like teatree and geranium oils. Oily skin can be helped with Citrus Oils like Lemon. Still, other essential oils ease dry skin, sensitive skin, wounds and much more. Many essential oils can cool your body as you wash off a hot, sticky summer day. You can also mix soaps with scents to help you relax, awaken, or put you in a better mood. We will be making our soap in Foaming Bottles so they come out as a foam to wash or shave with. These soaps cleanse fast and rinse off easily making them ideal for daily use.

$35 per student. We will be making an 8-ounce foaming soap each.
Limited to six students - Airconditioned Room

Introduction to Aromatherapy
Sunday, September 2 at 1 PM - 3 PM

Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy
1161 Commonwealth Ave, # 8, Allston, Massachusetts 02134

Intrigued, but Confused with all the essential oil choices? Find out how to cut the complexities and learn which essential oils and methods of aromatherapy work best for you. Aromatherapist Cher Kore will be teaching at the Kameleon Healing Workshop on Commonwealth Ave. in Allston. (RSVP for to easy to find address). 

- Discover the right Essential oils for you and your family 

- Find out many methods to use Essential Oils 

- Learn how to make your own beauty products and healing treatments at home 

Aromatherapy can help with a variety of physical, emotional and beauty concerns. Treat stress, depression, insomnia, foggy brain, headaches, sinus congestion, sore muscles & joints; skin imperfections and irritations; hair and scalp problems; and more. Learn the best methods of application for each ailment. Learn how to make your own aromatherapy products and at-home treatments. Cher will offer customized blends and products to students after class. 

$25 includes a customized Aromatherapy Mister or Bath Salt

Limited to 6 student

Learn how to make Cleaning your Home a Healing Experience

Tuesday, September 18 at 6 PM - 8 PM
Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy
1161 Commonwealth Ave, # 8, Allston, Mass


RSVP to Cher@khealing.com
In this class you will learn to Make Cleaning Easier, Healthier, and even a little Fun, as well as learn how to repel those pesky insects and rodents.

Learn to clean your Home, Laundry, and Dishes using essential oils that cut grease, kill germs and mold and repel insects and mice. You will also learn about keeping bedding, clothing and plush furniture fresh. We will cover kitchens, bathrooms, floors, carpets and more. We will make a 2-ounce pure essential oil blend (to use to make dozens more products at home) and a customized mister made from your essential oil blend.

$35 per guest includes one pure essential oil blend to make dozens of cleaning products at home and a cleaning spray made from your blend.

Kameleon Healing - 1161 Commonwealth Ave., Allston, MA
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