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Soak Your Troubles Away

Can’t afford a daily massage? A daily bath can give you many of the same benefits and more for pennies per treatment. 

* Heal your Muscles, Joints & Nerve Pain 

* Heal, Soften, and Beautify your Skin 

* Relax, Ease Anxiety & Stress, and Increase Emotional Health 

Bath salts are easy to make and luxurious to use. You'll learn how to make special bath blends that help detoxify; reduce excess water in the body; and/or heal skin ailments such as rashes, cuts, wounds, slack skin, clogged pores and acne. You will also learn which oils can help prevent stretch marks & scarring. Learn which essential oils ease muscle, joint and nerve pain. We'll discuss essential oils that you can add to your salts to relax and de-stress; aid meditation; fight insomnia and enhance your mood. Ingredients will include Epsom salts, green clay, and essential oils. We will be making 3 different customized bath salts for each student. 

$25 per person includes 3 customized Bath Salts for each Guest
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