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Having trouble finding all-natural, gentle products for your hair type? Learn how to create them yourself. It's easy, it's fun and it smells great!
Learn to make you own Shampoos, Deep Conditioners, Leave-In Conditioners, Scalp Treatments, Hair Mists and More.
- Learn which Essential Oils and Natural Bases are best for your Hair Type
- Learn how to make a variety of gentle, all-natural hair care products.
- Go home with a line of 3 customized products that you will know how to recreate.
Course Description: In this class you will be learning which essential oils and other natural ingredients: help hair growth; add moisture, shine, strength & luster to hair; clean & detangle hair; and help ease dandruff and dry scalp. You will learn how to treat hair damaged by heat; chlorine; the sun; the surf; and daily styling stress. Learn easy, inexpensive hair tips to keep your locks looking salon fabulous without leaving your home. Each student will be able to make a customized line of hair products designed specifically for them.

$50 per person at your home or business (in Greater Boston) with 4 or more guests. Includes a line of 3 customized hair care products person. 

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