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Summer is upon us. Why not take some time for yourself. Come to the Summer Spa party or a healing class. Or treat yourself to an Aromatherapy Consultation and lots of customized products with the  Kameleon Healing Summer Special.
This lasts from now until Aug. 31st. see more details in the section below

 For some Summer Reading check out my latest Blog, The Mathematics of Mixing Perfumery.  Learn about top, middle and bottom perfumery notes and how to balance them to mix your perfect Scent. 
Upcoming Classes & Events -
Click on Class or Event for all details 
For those who don't use Facebook, More information about each of these events is in the sections below.

Summer Special from Now until the end of August - email Cher@khealing.com to book your appointment.

Saturday, July 12th, Summer Spa Party, 1-4pm, Kameleon Healing Workshop in Allston

Sunday, July 20th,  Cooling, Cleaning, and Repelling Pests with Essential Oils, 1-4pm, Kameleon Healing Workshop in Allston

Saturday, August 2nd, Aromatherapy for Restorative Yoga and Reiki, 1-3:30pm,
 Sanctuary for Yoga and Reiki in Watertown.

Free Feel to email
Cher@khealing.com with any questions.
During the slow days of Summer Cher Kore of Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy will be offering Free Aromatherapy Consultations will the purchase of $100 in customized products.

Consultations are normally $100 and include 3 customized products.

During the summer you can come with a friend and each have 3 customized products made.

Or come by yourself and make twice as much. Or stock up on crafting materials to make more of what you learn at home.

Email Cher@khealing.com to book your appointment.

This offer will last until 08/31/2014.


Summer Spa Party  -
Sat. July 12th 1-4pm

At Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy on Commonwealth Ave. in Allston - RSVP to Cher@khealing.com and I will message you the easy to find address.

Aromatherapy . Reiki . Crystal Healing. Herbalism. Tarot. Nutrition

Join us for our Summer Spa Party. Get relaxed & pampered while meeting wonderful people. Come alone or bring friends. Stay for an hour or the whole afternoon.

The party is free to attend and we offer free snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. You just pay for any items and services you purchase.

Craft your own Spa products with Cher Kore of Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy:

We will design scented mists, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, bath salts, massage oils, perfumes and more. Aromatherapist, Cher Kore, will be there to guide you through each step and teach you about the healing powers of dozens of essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Susan C. Jenness, 200 RYT, Level II Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer

Susan Jenness is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and a Level II Reiki Practitioner who opened up her own private healing practice in 2013. As synchronicity would have it, she was swept into the current of crystal healing shortly thereafter. Crystal Healing she says is the ultimate way to enhance your energy to complement yoga, reiki and many other types of healing modalities as well. She is currently studying under Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.

Susan will be with us today offering mini reiki treatments and offering some crystal healing as well. She will have an array of crystals for self protection and self healing on hand to offer for sale at extremely affordable prices.

In addition to today's offerings, she would also like to welcome anyone booking an appointment at the Sanctuary for Yoga and Reiki to a 25% discount on any of her reiki or crystal healing sessions. This offers includes a Balancing Session for your Chakras!

She is excited and humbled beyond words to have been invited to participated in her first ever Spa Party!

Michael Blackmore - Mad Crow Herbalism

Michael is an herbalist, educator and writer who loves sharing how to listen to the wisdom that nature offers to us when we pause and connect to her. As well as helping folks find their own powerful healing through compassion, gentle humor and joyous fun.

He'll be sharing yummy herbal teas, delightful healing salves and tinctures as well as offering mini-consultations and bits of herbal wisdom.

He's delighted to be involved in such a great event with so many wondrous healers.

Nancy Reinhardt of Nancy Elizabeth Healing Arts started practicing the
art of Tarot readings a over decade ago. She believes by using the wisdom and guidance of the cards, a person can learn to walk down a path that is right for them. $10 per reading.

A testimonial: Nancy Elizabeth's warm-hearted guidance with the cards, coupled with her open, compassionate listening, make for an experience full of insights.

Larry Manning will be there with free samples of Isotonix Nutritional Supplement:

Larry Manning is a passionate believer in helping people by being proactive with nutritional supplements, as opposed to being reactive with drugs. The supplements he recommends are called Isotonix (Iso meaning "same" tonix meaning "pressure" They are the same pressure as your body fluids). They are taken in liquid form, which thru scientific research has shown is a much more efficient delivery system than pills. Many of his clients have noticed benefits from minor ailments, including migraines, digestive issues, low energy, and joint pain, among other things.


Cooling, Cleaning, and Repelling Insects Using Essential Oils
Sunday, July 29th 1-3:30PM - RSVP to Cher@khealing.com
In this 3 part class you will learn to: Keep Cool in the Heat. Repel those pesky insects and rodents. And, Make Cleaning Easier, Healthier, and even a little Fun.

This class will teach you which essential oils can help you feel cooler in the summer heat and the best methods of application.

Also learn to clean your Home, Laundry, and Dishes using essential oils that cut grease; kill germs and molds; and repel insects and mice. We will also learn about keeping bedding, clothing and plush furniture fresh. We will cover kitchens, bathrooms, floors, carpets and more. We will make a 2 ounce pure essential oil blend, a customized mister and a mister made from your essential oil blend.

Class Fee is $65 and includes the materials to make all 3 products. RSVP for the Allston address. This will be a small class of 6 or under.
Aromatherapy for Restorative Yoga and Reiki
Sat. Aug. 2nd - 1-3:30pm

This is collaborative class with Susan Jenness: Founder, Yoga Teacher, & Reiki Practitioner at Sanctuary for Yoga and Reiki; and Cher Kore: Founder & Aromatherapy Instructor at Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy.

We will focus on Balancing Mood, Energy and Chakras using Aromatherapy during Restorative Yoga and Reiki Treatment.

First, Cher will teach you about dozens of essential oils which can promote a better mood, improve your breathing for meditation, and help balance individual chakras. Experience aromas that can increase: happiness, creativity, confidence, motivation, concentration, relaxation and other positive feeling. Find out which oils help facilitate deep breathing. Learn about the many essential oils which support chakra balance. We will create a customized mister for each student to use during yoga and reiki and to take home for instant mood boosts.

Then Susan will guide you through an hour and a half Restorative Yoga Practice while she comes around offering each student ten-15 minutes of healing Reiki Energy. Restorative Yoga is a relaxing yoga practice that encourages the physical body to lay down over bolsters and blankets in each pose for up to ten minutes. This leads to a state of high quality, deep relaxation, and, will do wonders for releasing tension in the lower back, hips and legs. Restorative Yoga is relaxing, safe, healing and suitable for everybody, even those with no prior yoga experience before.

We will end class with light refreshments and discussion about our healing experiences.

$65 includes all class materials to make an aromatherapy mist and a bag of Crystals to encourage Self-Love.


Thanks and Peace, Cher K, Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy - Allston, MA.
Making Scents
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Enjoy a 1 hour Healing Aromatherapy Consultation. These are focused on helping a clients particular physical, emotional or beauty concerns using pure essential oils and natural bases. $100 Consultation Fee includes three healing products of your choice.

Treat yourself to a 1.5 hour Luxury Aromatherapy Consultation. These are focused on creating, incredibly alluring scents made from pure essential oils including many of the ultra extravagance absolute oils, while considering clients particular physical, emotional and beauty concerns. $250 Consultation Fee includes 1 ounce customized Perfume or Cologne and your choice of 2 other customized products.

Everything you need to make luxurious, aromatic gifts for you and those you care about. If you'd like help choosing scents and/or guidance crafting healing mists, bath salts, soaps, massage oils, lotions, shampoos, hair treatments, perfumes and more, please email inquires to: cher@khealing.com

Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy is now booking appointments for Holiday Crafting Parties: Homemade Gifts are chic and smart. Luxury gifts cost between $3-$25 each when you exercise your creative side and make them yourself. Get together with friends to design scented mists, soaps, bath salts, massage oils, more. Decorate gifts and personalize your labels for each recipient. Aromatherapist, Cher Kore, will be there to guide you through each step and teach you about the healing powers of dozens of essential oils. She will bring bottles, blank labels, markers, stickers, ribbons and everything you need to create a gorgeous presentation. She will also bring unscented Epsom salt, liquid castile soap, and fixed oils such as Jojoba Oil. Guests of the party can purchase single essential oils to create their own recipes; or for something more exquisite Cher will make blends for individual gifts from her set of over 100 essentials oils. Book your party today.

Customized Aromatherapy by Appointment
Visit our Online Store to see our scent blends, essential oils, and crafting materials.

Aromatherapy and Homecare Products
Aromatherapy products are created on a made-to-order basis. That means you choose exactly what you want and get it mixed fresh, just for you. In addition, we always provide you with helpful information on how your products were formulated, and why each ingredient was added, so you can appreciate how nature helps us through everyday issues.

Kameleon Healing's Mission
- Bring superior products to the public at fair and reasonable prices
- Always remain cruelty free
- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
- Use fine quality natural ingredients
- Mix everything fresh to order
- Be committed to high quality & customer service

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